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Multiplying fractions


Multiplying fractions is just like multiplying numbers except that it's at the numerators and denominators. Before we do any multiplying, we have to make sure that the combination of fractions cannot be simplified further.For instance, if we were to multiply 5/10 with 3/4 , we should reduce 5/10 to 1/2 before proceeding on with the actual multiplication.Afterwards, we multiply the numbers in the numerators and denominators separately to obtain the resulting fraction.So in ths situation, 1/2 multiplied with 3/4 will give us 3/8. Let's try multiplying fractions together.

Interesting note: If you multiply a fraction that has zero in its denominator, you will end up with an undefined answer.


1/3 x 4/6

Looking at the question , we realise that we have to simplify the 4/6 to 2/3 in order to avoid unnecessary multiplying and cancelling afterwards.Then , we multiply 2/3 with 1/3 . This is just simple multiplication at the numerators and denominators. Our final answer is 2/9.

'Try it Yourself' Section

Now that you have learnt multiplying fractions, try your own hand at it.

Simplify the follow expressions.

1) 1/5 x 3/9

2) 4/6 x 12/4

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